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Rich, Founder of Love Hiking Club
My name is Rich, and I love hiking!

I grew up in Idaho, with plenty of hiking and camping just minutes away from our home. Growing up, we spent summers at the lake and falls in the mountains. Camping and hiking with friends was such a special way to spend time together. I’ve spent a lifetime outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing and hunting.

Diane, Love Hiking Club
My name is Diane, and I love hiking!

I grew up on a farm in Canada. Growing up, we were not anywhere near mountains, but I spent summers at the lake canoeing to overnight camping trips.

Our journey began with a simple notion, a whisper among the trees that beckoned us to explore more than trails but the uncharted territories of the heart. On each hike, we discover mesmerizing vistas and the profound companionship that blooms amidst the wild. Our adventures, chronicled under the setting sun’s tender gaze and the morning mist’s gentle caress, resonate with the spirit of romantic hikes, a heart that longs for the thrill of discovery, the serenity of nature, and the joy of shared laughter.


The trails we explore are more than mere paths; they are the carriers of memories, shared dreams, and romantic hiking ideas that blossom with every step taken hand in hand. As we venture through the serenity of dawn and the mystique of dusk, we unveil the heart’s yearning for a stronger bond with every shared stride and sunset.

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