National Park Visitor Numbers for all 63 of our Incredible Parks

National Parks Visitor Data

This table provides all 63 National Park visitor numbers over the last five years. It’s a resource for understanding park popularity and visitor distribution.

If you want more detailed historical data about visitor numbers, check the National Park Service’s official website, which maintains extensive records of visitor statistics from previous years. This data can be helpful in planning trips, understanding park usage patterns, and gaining insights into the evolving relationship between the public and these cherished natural spaces.

National Park Visitors Numbers for the last 5 years

NATIONAL PARK20182019202020212022
Acadia National Park3,537,5753,437,2862,669,0344,069,0983,970,260
Arches National Park1,663,5571,659,7021,238,0831,806,8651,460,652
Badlands National Park1,008,942970,998916,9321,224,2261,006,809
Big Bend National Park440,091463,832393,907581,220514,107
Biscayne National Park469,253708,522402,770705,655701,023
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park308,962432,818341,620308,910297,257
Bryce Canyon National Park2,679,4782,594,9041,464,6552,104,6002,354,660
Canyonlands National Park739,449733,996493,914911,594779,147
Capitol Reef National Park1,227,6271,226,519981,0381,405,3531,227,608
Carlsbad Caverns National Park465,912440,691183,835349,244390,932
Channel Islands National Park366,250409,630167,290319,252323,245
Congaree National Park145,929159,445119,306215,181204,522
Crater Lake National Park720,659704,512670,500647,751527,259
Cuyahoga Valley National Park2,096,0532,237,9972,755,6282,575,2752,913,312
Death Valley National Park1,678,6601,740,945820,0231,146,5511,128,862
Denali National Park and Preserve594,660601,15254,850229,521427,562
Dry Tortugas National Park56,81079,20048,54383,81778,488
Everglades National Park597,1241,118,300702,319942,1301,155,193
Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve9,59110,5182,8727,3629,457
Gateway Arch National Park2,016,1802,055,309486,0211,145,0811,618,774
Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve597,915672,0875,74889,768545,758
Glacier National Park2,965,3093,049,8391,698,8643,081,6562,908,458
Grand Canyon National Park6,380,4955,974,4112,897,0984,532,6774,732,101
Grand Teton National Park3,491,1513,405,6143,289,6383,885,2302,806,223
Great Basin National Park153,094131,802120,248144,875142,115
Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve442,905527,546602,613602,613493,428
Great Smoky Mountains National Park11,421,20012,547,74312,095,72014,161,54812,937,633
Guadalupe Mountains National Park172,347188,833151,256243,291219,987
Haleakalā National Park1,044,084994,394319,147853,1811,087,616
Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park1,116,8911,368,376589,7751,262,7471,580,961
Hot Springs National Park1,506,8871,467,1531,348,2152,162,8842,646,133
Indiana Dunes National Park1,756,0792,134,2852,293,1063,177,2102,834,180
Isle Royale National Park25,79826,4106,49325,84425,454
Joshua Tree National Park2,942,3822,988,5472,399,5423,064,4003,058,294
Katmai National Park and Preserve37,81884,16751,51124,76433,908
Kenai Fjords National Park321,596356,601115,882411,782389,943
Kings Canyon National Park699,023632,110415,077562,918640,986
Kobuk Valley National Park14,93715,76611,18511,54016,925
Lake Clark National Park and Preserve14,47917,1574,94818,27818,187
Lassen Volcanic National Park499,435517,039542,274359,635446,291
Mammoth Cave National Park533,206551,590290,392515,774663,147
Mesa Verde National Park563,420556,203287,477548,477499,790
Mount Rainier National Park1,518,4911,501,6211,160,7541,670,0631,622,395
National Park of
American Samoa
New River Gorge National Park1,232,6271,195,7211,054,3741,682,7201,593,523
North Cascades National Park30,08538,20830,88517,85530,154
Olympic National Park3,104,4553,245,8062,499,1772,718,9252,432,972
Petrified Forest National Park644,922643,588384,483590,334505,209
Pinnacles National Park222,152177,224165,740348,857275,023
Redwood National Park482,536504,722265,177435,879458,400
Rocky Mountain National Park4,590,4934,670,0533,305,1994,434,8484,300,424
Saguaro National Park957,4051,020,226762,2261,079,786908,194
Sequoia National Park1,229,5941,246,053796,0861,059,5481,153,198
Shenandoah National Park1,264,8801,425,5071,666,2651,592,3121,449,300
Theodore Roosevelt National Park749,389691,658551,303796,085668,679
Virgin Islands National Park112,287133,398167,540323,999196,752
Voyageurs National Park239,656232,974263,091243,042221,434
White Sands National Park603,008608,785415,383782,469705,127
Wind Cave National Park656,397615,350448,405709,001607,418
Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and Preserve79,45074,51816,65550,18965,236
Yellowstone National Park4,115,0004,020,2883,806,3064,860,2423,290,242
Yosemite National Park4,009,4364,422,8612,268,3133,287,5953,667,550
Zion National Park4,320,0334,488,2683,591,2545,039,8354,692,417
Total visitor data for all of our 63 National Parks for the last 5 years. Want to know how many visitors there were to our National Parks?

All information was sourced from National Parks Visitor Data

National Park Visitor Numbers Through Covid Years

Although it was not the focus for creating this table of National Park Visitor Numbers, the visitor numbers and fluctuations caused by Covid are evident. The table highlights specific annual data, showcasing the 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 National Park visitor numbers. These figures reflect how visitor trends have changed year by year, offering insights into the impact of various factors such as environmental conditions, policy changes, and global events like the COVID-19 pandemic. This year-by-year breakdown allows for a deeper understanding of the ebb and flow of park popularity, serving as a useful tool for researchers, park enthusiasts, and policymakers alike. 

National Park Visitor Numbers for 2023

The National Park Service should release the 2023 National Park visitor numbers around the end of the first quarter 2024. Once these figures are available, I will update the table to include this latest data. This addition will ensure that the table remains a current and valuable resource for understanding visitor trends and our National Parks. Keep an eye on the NPS website for the most up-to-date information.

National Park Annual Visitors Data Use

The publication of this table with annual visitor numbers to each National Park is intended to provide a broad overview of park popularity and visitation trends over the years. This information is particularly useful for understanding changes in park usage, which can be influenced by various factors such as environmental policies, national events, or shifts in public interest. It’s a valuable tool for park authorities, tourism planners, and nature enthusiasts alike, offering insights into the evolving dynamics of National Park visitation.


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