Current Temperature-Forecast-Monthly Average for Everglades National Park

The Current Temperature, Forecast and Monthly Temperature Averages for Everglades National Park 

Located in Southern Florida, about a 49 mile drive south from Miami, Florida, Everglades National Park was established on December 6, 1947. 

Important note about the weather forecast for Everglades National Park;

This is a very large park covering 1,508,976 acres. The weather and current temperatures can vary significantly from one side of the Park to the other. 

The following temperatures, forecast, and average temperatures are for near the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center on the east side of Everglades National Park.

Current Temperature in Everglades National Park:

Park Ranger

7 Day Forecast for Everglades National Park


Average Temperature by Month for Everglades National Park

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